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With 19 years of experience, we offer a complete service for the realization of your personal e-learning solution.

You want to

  • Explain basic work processes to new employees?
  • Show your distribution partners the benefits of your products, and help them to conduct more effective sales talks?
  • Provide a uniform level of knowledge for your employees when introducing new management techniques?
  • Ensure that newly introduced software is understood and can be used by all employees?

From requirements analysis to implementation: we accompany you from start to finish, for your perfectly customized solution.

Fast, flexible, reliable. Put us to the test!

„Every employee should be enabled to develop their skills autonomously, independently, and successfully.“

Scope of Services

Requirements Analysis

What will it be?


We don’t want to sell you the first and most expensive solution. Instead we cooperate with you in developing exactly what your company needs.Individual solutions for every customer. Project-specific, not overloaded.

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Project Planning

Starting something off the ground is always difficult. Really?


We supply materials that facilitate the planning of your e-learning project. During competent preliminary talks and a joint kickoff meeting our experts will discuss all the relevant issues in detail with you, so no questions remains unanswered.
You’re in the know, right from the beginning.

Durchblick. Von Anfang an.

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What would you like?


Are you lacking ideas of how your project could look like? No problem, we are at your service. Experienced media designers will draft appealing proposals for your layout. In collaboration with you they will work out design concepts that are really tailored to your needs and your CI.

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Script writing

Pencils sharpened?


You provide the material, we do the rest. Well versed writers – who have proven their worth in numerous projects for well-known companies – will take care of the creation of first-class scripts of high educational value. The requirements of your project will be fully met.

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Here we go…


After the preliminary studies it’s time to get down to business. Trained, skilled media designers will ensure that your project becomes a unique experience. By using visual, auditory, tactile, and communicative forms of representation, we can appeal to all types of learners.

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Around the world…


Learning worldwide. Do you need a multilingual solution for your project? Thanks to our years of experience, and cooperation with reliable translation agencies and selected speakers, we make sure that all your employees worldwide can benefit from your training.
From Afrikaans to Vietnamese. And English, of course.

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The well-earned reward…


It’s time to bring the project to a successful conclusion. Of course we will help you to integrate your solution in your organization.
E-learning is completely new for you? No problem. Our experienced staff will also support you in launching your own learning management system.

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